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Cost of Surf Lessons in Maui

Cost of Surf Lessons in Maui

Maui sure does offer many fun-filled activities to satisfy your summer season, including surfing! Maui introduces you to their surfing lessons that will take you to another level of satisfaction. Indeed, you won’t miss a thing about your surfing experience. People of all ages, beginners or professionals, are all in to get the chance to enjoy the waves under the summer heat! Before we hit the surfing board, you need to know the cost of the surf lessons in Maui first! 

Types of Surfing Lessons in Maui

Surfing lessons in Maui go in different types, private lessons and semi-private lessons. The cost of surf lessons in Maui may vary depending on which one you will go for and the amount of people that wish to apply for the lessons. Let us head over to the guidelines regarding the lessons and their price!

Private Lessons

For this session, individuals will have closer contact with the instructor as they go solo for each surfing lesson. Therefore, you can ensure a more focused and effective surfing lesson. The price for private lessons cost $195.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons usually involve groups of people of different ages. The more people are involved in the session, the higher the price is. For two people, the cost of surf lessons in Maui would cost $260. Then, for a trio session, the price would be $335. Lastly, for four people, the price would be as high as $410. For group lessons like this, you can bet it’s more fun to go through this exciting session with your friends, colleagues, and family.

The Fun Side of Surfing Lessons with Sea Maui Surf

Both neophytes and experts can start their surfing journey here at Sea Maui Surf as we introduce the surfing details, from board types to board tricks! We ensure your summer staycation has unforgettable experiences and Instagrammable photos! Like how you ride the boards with the waves, we will take you left and right along the Hawaiian coasts.

Surfing Basics You Need

We won’t leave you without teaching you the basics of surfing, like balancing, paddling, and standing. Afterward, you will dive into the more complicated trips and flips. We ensure that you are equipped before we let you sail along the fantastic seas of Maui.

We Care For You

You can schedule any lesson between 7:30 am and 12:00 pm, especially for private lessons. Of course, instructors will be happy to teach you everything about surfing. And yes, they will be sending you to the seas under perfect weather conditions along with their supervision! 

Amenities Provided

Various amenities are provided to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, making the surfing experience even better! We provide protective gear, restrooms, surf photography, beach showers, and more perks you can enjoy! Indeed a summertime to remember! Book now with Sea Maui Surf!