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Maui Stand Up Paddle & Surf Lessons

Getting up onto your paddle board or doing a simple surf are the fundamental skills you should learn when you want to make the most of your time on Maui. Since paddleboarding is Hawaii’s traditional style of surfing, you will be introduced to this style through Maui stand-up paddle surf lessons, from positioning yourself on the board to the surfing technique you need to do for excellent balance.

Stand Up Paddle & Surf Lessons with Sea Maui Surf

Soaking up the sun is a good thing to do in Maui. And to correctly do paddleboarding, you need to know the basic techniques for a firm grip. To learn beginner-level skills, check out some of the best lessons you need to take to start this activity.

Private Surf Lessons on Maui

Are you looking for a surfing lesson to teach you the classic Hawaiian sport of surfing? Sea Maui Surf is open to all ages with our private surf lessons. The activity would take a total of one and a half hours. You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to the class size. Either you want to do semi-private lessons with 4:1 students per instructor or 2:1 students per instructor. The choice is yours to make!

Regarding the lessons’ inclusion, Sea Maui Surf ensures you get the best of your money. We include a soft-top surfboard, protective rash guard, aqua socks, and many other necessities.

Maui Surf Group Lessons

If you don’t want to do the private lessons, you can always do the group surfing lessons with your family or friends. These Maui stand-up paddle surf lessons are open to anybody willing to sign up to learn the surfboarding process. And just for the private ones, the classes could take up to one and a half hours. These are available every day at 7:30 am and 8:30 am. 9:30 am, 10:30 am, and 12:00 pm. 

Aside from the surfing lessons, you can also access our beach showers, restroom, and changing rooms at Whaler’s Village so you can comfortably do the lessons.

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons in Maui

Did you know that one of the fastest-growing sports in the world is paddleboarding? And learning how to do it professionally is made possible through taking a stand-up paddle board lesson in Maui. In this lesson, you are taught how to enhance your strength, balance, and flexibility while riding on the huge waves of Maui. So enjoy Maui’s ocean playground and glide across the Hawaiian waters.

In addition to the lessons our certified instructors will teach you, we also have available surf photography, so your learning to surf is documented and captured.

The Advantages of Booking a Stand Up Paddle & Surf Lessons

You can enjoy significant advantages when you book a stand-up paddle and surf lesson. However, although you can do it your way and want to figure it out yourself, your safety must be prioritized. Thus, you being protected is a must for you to do it without causing any injury or harm. We have listed some of the known advantages of booking a lesson.

Great way to start

Surf lessons are a great way to start. It is where you can build a solid surfing foundation before diving into the water and surfing along the wave. Then, with the help of an instructor, you can tap into your full potential as you learn more about wave conditions, proper board position, and surfing techniques. In addition, you will have a blast on your first try while catching the big waves of Maui. So book a Maui stand-up paddle surf lesson from Sea Maui Surf today to improve your beginner skills in surfing and paddleboarding.

Learn wave timing

Knowing when the best time to surf in the beautiful ocean of Maui is what the lesson is all about. First, proper wave selection will help you choose the right wave, as it can be tricky to figure out the perfect time to surf. Then, with the help of a certified surf instructor, you will know when to paddle for the wave and when to pop up. And by the end of the lesson, you will better understand wave timing and become an excellent surfer.

Get to know some tips and tricks

When you go for a surf, there are times that you want to try out new things aside from the basic “riding to the wave” activity. With the help of a surfing lesson, you will know some of the best tricks to do when you are on the water and the tips you can apply while paddleboarding. This helpful information would lead you to mastery, like knowing how to use your body on the board or stand still while the wave is on.

Better ocean safety

When going for a surf, you should always learn the safety basics. That’s because the sea can be dangerous. So, as much as possible, learn ocean safety to understand how to save your life in an emergency. With these lessons, you can avoid the danger of water and recognize the dangerous weather that may distract you from surfing.

Surf for fun

We all want to go surfing because it is exhilarating. Just thinking about surfing makes you want to jump in the water instantly. But surfing for fun can be possible when you know how to have fun in the water yourself. With the help of a teacher, you can catch the feeling of doing your first wave. Also, you can gain confidence in the water as you have learned how to be calm and have fun. So book a surfing lesson today, whether private or group, to boost your self-esteem and water knowledge.

Book a lesson at Sea Maui Surf!

Learn from the expert and get a step-by-step process of surfing. At Sea Maui Surf, we give you the best private, group, and stand-up paddle boarding lessons so you can expertly maneuver yourself in the waves of Maui. If you are interested in learning, book some Maui stand-up paddle surf lessons today!