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Maui Surf Group Lessons

Quick Details

Person Ages 13+

One of the most fascinating beach and outdoor experiences is learning the techniques and ways of surfing. It becomes even more fun and exciting when you are accompanied by a certified instructor. And if you’re booking a group lesson, you can learn more new and exciting things from the different people around you. Indeed, you can have the best time in the water with the help of Maui surf group lessons.

Group Surfing Lessons in Maui

We offer group surfing lessons at Sea Maui Surf for ages 13 years or older. You are taught to learn the classic Hawaiian sport and increase your knowledge in surfing in a one-lesson setting. Our professional instructors are CPR and First Aid certified and ready in case of any emergencies.

As mentioned, only students 13 years and above can book the lesson. In addition, one of the qualifications to proceed with the class is that you can swim and be comfortable in the water. So if you are not confident enough to go surfing, we advise you not to proceed with the lesson.

Surf Group Teaching Process

As much as we want to cater to more students, we limit it to a 4:1 ratio so every instructor can focus on a maximum of four students. During the teaching process, we provide beginner-level surf instruction and ocean safety briefing so it is easier for the students to understand more about surfing. Regarding the equipment to use, everything is handled on our side to give you a safe and enjoyable surfing experience in Maui. 

When it comes to the instructors, Sea Maui Surf ensures that you are in good hands and will be able to earn your skills throughout the lesson. Also, our instructors give you the personal attention you need to achieve your goal of standing up and doing the surf.

Surf Group Lessons Inclusions

Like any other offered lessons, our Maui surf group lessons have inclusions to make your overall experience more fun and safe. Also, you can access and use these inclusions throughout the lessons. So make sure you are making the most of their use well.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Soft-top surfboard
  • Protective rash guard
  • Booties (Aqua socks)
  • Beach showers
  • Restroom and changing rooms available at Whaler’s Village
  • Surf photography available
  • All packages and equipment rentals include complimentary water safety briefings

Surf Group Lessons Cost 

This surf lesson caters only to individuals who are 13 years and above. As this is a group lesson, the cost is less expensive than the private lessons. The cost would only be $89 per person, making it much more affordable than the rest of the classes.

The Benefits of Booking a Surfing Group Lesson

One way to do surfing effectively is to book a lesson by the group to have a practical and fun learning experience. Although learning one-on-one can be a great idea, joining other interested individuals for a surfing lesson is fun and safer in many ways. The ocean can be unpredictable due to the changing currents and such. And so having someone you can go surfing with is a plus. In addition, a group lesson is a great avenue to receive a good amount of support that you need from other group members.

Here are the benefits of group learning:

Motivated learning

Unlike the pressure you feel when alone, the group lesson gives you a more motivating learning experience since you engage with the other members. With that, you are encouraged to learn surfing since you are around people with the same interests as you. Also, surfing can be challenging to learn. Therefore, being surrounded by a helpful instructor and supportive members will make it much easier to grasp all the lessons in one go.

Structured lessons

One of the known benefits of Maui surf group lessons is that there is a fixed structure on what to do. As your class has structure, your instructor can teach you every move and technique to attain the essential beginner skill. In addition, having a structured class will allow you to better understand the vital things about surfing, such as the ocean currents, surfing methods, proper surf techniques and many others. That said, you will become a better surfer than you could ever imagine since the lessons are set and planned.

Achieve proper form

Your form in the water is essential when you go surfing. Knowing the proper surfing technique to better your form in the water is the best thing you can do since group lessons include tips and tricks. If other individuals can join you, it will be easier to compare what form is best and if you are in the right spot while paddle boarding. To achieve the proper form on the water and easily paddle up to your wave, book a group surfing lesson today together with your family and friends.

Receive feedback

Of course, learning how to surf cannot be completed without receiving feedback from people. Although some would view it negatively, feedback is an excellent way to understand how constructive criticism is a significant part of your learning process. With the group lesson, you have access to instant feedback from people you are with aside from the instructor. With the help of their feedback, you can do better and be better in what you do. Plus, you also get the best cheers from them as you ride on the great wave of the Maui sea.

Take on a Group Surf Lesson on Maui

Maui surf group lessons are an excellent opportunity to unlock your skills in surfing with a group of people, as learning alone can be a pressure factor. That is why booking a group lesson is a good option that you should choose for you to have fun learning the basics of surfing and paddle boarding. So if you are ready to ride the wave of the Hawaiian waters, book a group lesson now with your friends and family at Sea Maui Surf!