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Learn How to Surf in Maui

Learn How to Surf in Maui

Would you like to ride with the waves and satisfy your summer experience? Maui offers all different sorts of surfing lessons just for you! Providing you the reliable and quality equipment you can rely on while you have fun in the middle of the waves. Rest assured that people of all kinds will be able to have their successful surfing experience, catering to both beginners and experts with the education they deserve conducted by our lovely instructors. Read more about how to learn surfing in Maui! 

Learn to Surf in Maui with Sea Maui Surf

Sea Maui Surf provides different surfing lessons depending on the individual, with prices varying per lesson. One thing that benefits everyone is that the decent inclusions are well-provided. All equipment ensures you can rely on them as you use them throughout your surfing experience. Instructors will also be with your side as they teach you the fundamentals of surfing. Now, let’s have a quick overview of the lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are worth $195, ensuring a learning experience that focuses on every individual undergoing it. It is a one-on-one session that you can go through with your instructor. Learning to Surf in Maui alone might provide a better and more comfortable experience. 

Semi-Private Lessons

Prices vary depending on the number of people involved in the lessons. A lesson for two people costs $260. While for three individuals, it costs $260. Lastly, if you got four individuals with you, it costs the highest at $410. This is good for small groups that want to learn to surf in Maui together.

Group Lessons

Perhaps, this will be the most fun and affordable lesson as it caters to people ages 13 years and above. So kids can surely learn all the basics of surfing as instructors make sure they get to practice in safety within the oceans. Inclusions needed are also provided in the session. In the group lesson, the cost would only be as low as $89 per individual.

Group lessons might be better if you prefer a more lively and fun setting. Learning to Surf in Maui with other people in the activity might be more exciting and stimulating too. Also, with unpredictable weather conditions, it is much easier to help each other if you go out in groups, thus, making this lesson desirable for individuals.

Choose Sea Surf Maui for Your Fun Lessons

Overall, all these lessons have their benefits. Individuals are recommended to weigh their objectives before making a final decision. Assessing their financial budget, the number of people, and their personal preference regarding the lessons.

One thing is for sure, though, these lessons share the same goal of making everyone happy and satisfied. Making their surfing experience, as well as their summer vacations, accomplished. As mentioned above, every lesson goes with all the amenities and inclusions needed, so you don’t need to worry about other extra services since Sea Maui already provides everything well. Because you matter and always will!

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