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Recommended Surf Lessons in Maui

Recommended surf lessons in Maui

Are you looking for some good surf lessons in Maui? Sea Maui Surf offers various surf lessons for people of all ages, including your family and friends!

At Sea Maui, our arms are wide open for both beginners and experienced surfers wanting to level up their surfing skills.

We are packed with professional surfers who will be teaching you the basics, as well as the advanced techniques in surfing. 

Now, are you ready to take your surfing skills to the next level? Get ready to catch the waves and the lessons!

The Surfing Lessons in Sea Maui

Sea Maui offers various ways to learn how to surf.. You can have your own private lessons or if you find group-learning more conducive and preferable, you can go with semi-private lessons.

Another good thing is the instructors are professional divers who won’t leave you along the coastlines during the learning sessions. That being said your children will be in capable hands throughout the lesson, ensuring their safety at all times.

Private Lesson

A private lesson is available the whole morning from 7:30 am up to 12 noon. The lesson covers all the basics, as well as the safety measures surfers should know and remember. Take note that our  staff will make sure that you only get to train under good weather conditions.

What makes private lessons appealing is the one-on-one experience, giving way to a more personalized learning environment. This approach ensures that you receive the full attention and focus you require. Consequently, it becomes easier for your questions and concerns to be addressed, enhancing the overall learning experience. 

A private lesson costs $195.

Semi-Private Lesson

When it comes to group lessons, opting for semi-private lessons can be a great choice. In semi-private lessons, the same set of lessons is provided to a small group of individuals throughout the session. These lessons are suitable for kids aged 10 years old and above, making them an ideal option for groups of friends and families to learn together.

Benefits of Booking Surf Lessons in Maui

These Maui surf lessons have advantages that make the learning experience even more worth it. We ensure that you receive comprehensive instruction on all the necessary lessons and techniques in surfing while enjoying the company of our instructors. Check these benefits below..

Personalized Learning Experience

With a one-on-one learning experience, it will  be easier for your instructor to address all your questions and concerns. Whether you are practicing the basics or delving into the more advanced aspects of surfing, your instructor’s undivided attention will be solely dedicated to you.


Beginners can personally schedule their lessons with their dedicated instructors, allowing for flexibility and convenience. You can also explore various locations at different times, adding diversity to your surfing experience. It is essential to note that instructors prioritize your safety and well-being. Therefore, they will never conduct lessons under adverse weather conditions or when strong tidal waves pose a risk. 


Overall, surf lessons in Maui can be fun and difficult at times. What enhances the experience is the unwavering dedication of the instructors, who invest their time and effort in providing personalized guidance and conducting the lessons in comfortable environments like the beautiful beaches in Maui.

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