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The Recommended Surf Rentals in Maui For You

a beach with a surf board on a body of water

Indulge in surfing on your Hawaii holidays through our surf rentals in Maui! We introduce you to our surfing rentals you can use during your Maui staycation. Our surfing rentals are durable, and they go in quality. So if you plan to book a vacation in Maui, you don’t need to worry about not bringing your surfboard. We got the complete package just for you!

Surf Rentals in Maui

Sea Maui offers strong surfboards for our guests seeking a fun surfing experience. On top of that, we ensure that our surfboards are adequate and readily available for all guests. Surfing along the coastlines of Maui is very appealing with its pristine beaches. And we make that better by providing you with your surfing essentials.

Sea Maui only doesn’t offer you professional surfing lessons, but we also provide you with surfing equipment you can use along the way. At Sea Maui, we guarantee you that our rentals are worthwhile. Also, our team of professional surfers will give you the best advice, especially in taking care of your surfboard.

Why Choose Our Surfing Rentals?

Sea Maui is a renowned company in Maui known for its beach gear and fun excursions available on land, sea, and air. Sea Maui also offers various lessons, such as surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. However, our service doesn’t stop there since we also offer beach rentals such as chairs, paddle boards, and surfboards!

Whether you’re a professional or a rookie, we will gladly extend our services to anybody. And if you need assistance, our professional instructors will always be around. Along with our fascinating islands of Maui, we also make your experience worthwhile by providing the best services and equipment.

How Much Is Our Surfboard Rental?

As mentioned above, our surfboards are designed to withstand various weather conditions. It’s strong, reliable, and readily available for surfing and surfing lessons. Moreover, we ensure that our rentals go at competitive prices while being affordable at the same time. Here’s a brief overview of our prices for surfboard rentals:

  • Surfboards – $30(First hour)
  • Additional Hour – $15

Our surf rentals in Maui cost $30 for the first hour. However, it costs $15 to extend it for another hour. Our surfboards are also as competitive as our price. We give our guests top-notch surfing equipment before we release it at a competitive rate. We aim to provide products that appeal to people based on their standards.

Are you thinking of surfing on the coastlines of Maui? Drop by at Sea Maui, and we will improve your experience. Our surf rentals in Maui have proven their quality to many guests since our company’s establishment. As a result, we are proud to inform you that we continue to maintain our reputation of being the best company on the islands of Maui.

Interested? Visit our website and learn more about other rentals available!