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Book the Best Surfing Lessons on Maui at Sea Maui Surf

surfing lessons on maui

Investing in surfing lessons on Maui is the first thing you should do to improve your surfing skills. You are taught various things, from the correct surfing positions to the techniques you need for a perfect surfing experience. That said, Sea Maui Surf offers the best surfing lessons for your benefit. We have private and group classes so you can choose what type of lesson you want to take. 

Available Surfing Lessons at Sea Maui Surf

Getting a surfing lesson from a well-experienced instructor will give you an edge over other surfers. In addition, you can learn the fundamentals of surfing, contributing to your overall water performance. At Sea Maui Surf, we make sure that you are getting the best surfing lessons as what you have paid for. Every lesson includes:

  • Soft-top surfboard
  • Protective rash guard
  • Aqua socks
  • Beach showers
  • Restroom and changing room
  • Surf photography
  • All packages and equipment with complimentary water safety briefings

That said, Sea Maui Surf offers surfing lessons to interested individuals who want to be a surfer. The surfing lessons that we offer are Private Surf Lessons and Maui Surf Group Lessons.

Private Surf Lessons

One of the most popular surfing lessons on Maui you need to try is the Private Lesson. It is perfect for aspiring surfers who want exclusive surf learning from professionals. Within this Lesson, you will learn some of the best techniques and tricks in surfing to be more confident when doing the activity. And if you are a first-time surfer, you should book a private lesson so you are well-guided throughout your surfing experience. Our offered private lessons are as follows:

Private Lesson (1 person)

  • All ages
  • Estimated cost $195 

Semi-Private Lesson (2 persons)

  • 10 years old and above
  • Estimated cost $260

Semi-Private Lesson (3 persons)

  • 10 years old and above
  • Estimated cost $335

Semi-Private Lesson (4 persons)

  • 10 years old and above
  • Estimated cost $410

Maui Surf Group Lessons

When you want to make your surf learning experience fun and exciting, group surfing lessons on Maui are the best choice that you should make. It is a fascinating learning journey as you interact with different people. During the teaching process, one instructor will be teaching four students. In that regard, you are taught beginner-level surf instructions and ocean safety briefing, so it is easier to understand the surfing activity. 

Group Lesson

  • 13 years old and above
  • Estimated cost $89

Book a Surfing Lesson at Sea Maui Surf!

Surfing lessons on Maui are a significant investment that you need to invest in. It does not just give you essential information about surfing. You also get to have fun while learning the activity. That said, choose a surf school company that can teach you basic surfing techniques, methods, and tricks. When you can pick the best among others, book yourself in a private or group lesson at Sea Maui Surf today so you can begin your journey.