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What You Need to Know About the Maui Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals

Maui Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals

One of the fun sea adventures that you need to try in Maui is stand-up paddle boarding. It is an exciting activity with several great benefits, such as improving your balance, reducing your stress level, boosting your cardiovascular health, helping you lose weight, and many others. First, however, it would help if you began by understanding what stand-up paddle boarding is all about and where the best Maui stand-up paddleboard rentals are. 

What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

SUP, or Stand-up paddle boarding, is a sport in the water that lets you travel across water or ride on the waves while using the paddle board. This activity propels you in a swimming motion where you can use your arm often while you lie or kneel on the board. In addition, SUP offers a fun way to play on the water and do sightseeing while you are on board. While this may look hard, SUP is an incredibly easy water sport to learn. 

Where can you rent stand-up paddle boards?

There are several Maui stand-up paddle board rentals that you can visit on the island. It would help if you were keen and observant of the quality and price of the water sports items you want. At Sea Maui Surf, we have a reliable, top-quality stand-up paddle board in our rental shop. The cost differs depending on the time you want to use it. For the first hour of rental, you need to pay $40. If you extend another hour, the rate will fall to $20 as an additional. 

How to take care of the rented stand-up paddle boards?

When it comes to equipment maintenance, there are specific guidelines you need to follow. In that regard, you must be careful in using the equipment without further damage and keep it in good condition when you return it to our shop. The following are the SUP care and maintenance:

Rinse the paddle board with fresh water.

When you return the equipment to the Maui stand-up paddle board rentals shop, it is best to rinse it off with fresh water to keep the equipment clean and in good condition. By rinsing, you can remove any residue of sand or dirt on the surface, keeping the paddle board looking good and new from when you rented it.

Clean the surface of the equipment 

Rinsing is not enough. You need to clean the surface of the paddle board thoroughly. You can begin by mixing a mild soap solution with warm water and using a sponge to wipe off all the crevices, dirt, and debris from the surface of the equipment. Next, start rinsing the board with soap and fresh water and dry it with a clean towel.

Store the paddle board properly

For the last step, you need to store the paddle board in a dry area that is not exposed to direct sunlight or a windy environment. Exposing it to these places will damage the board over time. That said, store the board in the shade or a cool place so that once you return it to the rental shop, it looks new and well-taken care of. 

Rent SUP at Sea Maui Surf Rentals!

Renting a stand-up paddle board at an excellent Maui stand-up paddle board rentals shop is the first step to your SUP journey. Sea Maui Surf offers quality gear and equipment for your water sports experience. Interested? Come to our rental shop today!