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Ideal Private Surf Lessons in Maui

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If you prefer a more personalized surf lesson for yourself or for your loved ones, you can avail Sea Maui Surf’s private surf lessons in Maui where they offer you the perfect time to train along with professionals.

There are several reasons that make Sea Maui Surf’s private lessons an ideal choice for many guests, which we will explore in the following discussion.

If you happen to be in Hawaii, you may consider learning more about the lessons in this article.

Private Surf Lessons in Maui

The private surf lessons from Sea Maui Surf may end up being your preferred learning environment if you’re more comfortable with a more personalized approach.

However, they also offer private lessons in groups if you prefer a more fun learning experience. 

That being said, let’s discuss the private lessons provided in detail.

Private Lesson

For this learning process, it is a face-to-face session between you and your instructor. In this lesson, instructors put most of their focus on you. The price for a one-on-one surfing lesson is  $195.

Semi-Private Lesson

This surf lesson provides children aged 10 years and above with the opportunity to engage in surfing lessons, offering three different options to choose from. The prices vary depending on which option you choose. A duo session costs $260, a trio session costs $335, and four-person session costs $410.

The Advantages Of Learning Through Private Lessons

Learning how to surf through private lessons offers various perks and benefits, especially for the guests. These options are designed to cater to your specific needs and circumstances, ultimately enhancing your overall learning experience.

Here are the advantages of learning surfing through private lessons.

You Progress More Quickly

With its goal of fostering closer interaction between students and instructors, Sea Maui Surf makes it easier for both parties to understand and exchange ideas. This close connection facilitates the addressing of various concerns and queries related to surfing, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

It’s Flexible

With private lessons, you have the flexibility to set a schedule according to your preferences. This arrangement is particularly advantageous for busy individuals who can benefit greatly from the convenience and customization offered by private lessons.

Safety Concerns

It will be a lot easier for instructors to teach you the basics of precautionary measures since smaller class size allows for more personalized attention. This ensures that essential safety guidelines are effectively communicated to every surfing student.

It Builds Your Confidence

Private lessons can significantly boost your confidence in approaching the learning process, enabling you to progress at your own pace with increased self-assurance.


Overall, the private surf lessons in Maui provided by Sea Maui Surf are definitely something to look forward to during your Hawaiian visits and staycations.

With the options above, it will be absolutely ideal for you to pursue and start your surfing experience.

While surfing may not be for everyone, it is one of the well-known water adventures that many people enjoy.

If you wish to ask more questions and get your concerns answered, please consider visiting our page.