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Maui Beach Chair Rentals Recommended For You

an umbrella sitting on top of a sandy beach

If you’re looking for durable beach chairs in Maui, Sea Maui Surf provides Maui beach chair rentals that you can use to lounge under the summer heat and take a break from all your water activities.

Indulging in fun-filled escapades often leaves us yearning for nothing more than a restful siesta. To facilitate this need, Sea Maui Surf provides the finest beach chair available in Maui, enabling you to fully relax and unwind after your activities.

With the available rentals in Sea Maui Surf, there’s no doubt you’ll get the rest you deserve.

The Maui Beach Chair Rentals

You may be wondering what the beach chair is like and how much it costs, and that’s exactly where we’re headed to right now.

Here are the details of the beach chair rentals.

  • The Maui beach chair rentals come in sets of two, complete with an umbrella.  This thoughtful arrangement ensures that you can enjoy the blissful shade and protection from the scorching rays of the sun.
  • The daily rate costs $30 for the half-day special, while it costs $50 for a full-day session, and lastly it costs $40 if you wish to add another day for your staycation.

The Benefits of Beach Chairs

Why beach chairs? 

Beach chairs provide a lot of benefits and one of them is to give you the best summer staycation. Here are reasons why we think chairs are ideal and beneficial for your stay in Maui.

It Protects You From Sand

While we thoroughly enjoy lounging on the sandy beach, over time it can become rather uncomfortable. We can effortlessly relax on a more comfortable surface thanks to beach chairs, which might even lead us to drift into a blissful slumber. Indeed, comfort is what we need, especially when we are at rest.

It’s Versatile 

Beach chairs can be used in various occasions aside from beach outings. You can also bring them in campings, picnics, and other outdoor activities. What’s even better is its lightweight make it easier for you to carry and fold it wherever you go.

Start packing up and you can just put the beach chairs in your compartment and you’re all set!

It’s Durable

Beach Chairs are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Beach chairs are usually made of steel, aluminum, or wood that are generally known to be sturdy and durable.

It’s Comfortable

You may be wondering why beach chairs have a steep design. Well, the main reason is to protect your back and neck. In fact, some chairs also go with extra armrests, headrests, and footrests for extra comfort.

Picking The Best Beach Chair For You

Check Out The Features

Go for beach chairs that provide extra comfort through added footrests, headrests, and armrests. Go for the most comfortable choice.

Stable Beach Chairs

Go for sturdy and durable beach chairs that withstand various harsh conditions. 


Affordable beach chairs are probably the best option to go for if you wish to conveniently purchase one.


All in all, the Maui beach chair rentals are exactly what you need to complete your Hawaiian staycation in the mesmerizing beaches and islands of Maui. 

Thinking of renting quality beach chairs in Maui? You may visit our page here.