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Maui Beach Gear Rentals Items that You Can Avail

maui beach gear rentals

Maui is the best place to do fun ocean adventures. It has a great location to go surfing, paddleboarding, or swimming in the tranquil waters of Hawaii as much as you want. However, with many sea activities you can try, you need water sports equipment that best assists you while you are on the water. Fortunately, we offer Maui beach gear rentals so you can make the best of your life in the vast waters of the island. We have loads of beach gear and equipment available for you, and we list them in this article!

Sea Maui Beach Gears and Equipment for Rent

No equipment for surfing? No gear for paddleboarding? Worry no more. Sea Maui Surf has it all for you. We have some beach gear and water sports equipment for your liking. Our rental service is available by the hour, half-day, full-day, or for a week. Since our beach rental items are limited, we believe on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Surf Board

Ride the island’s waves with the surf items available in the Maui beach gear rentals from Sea Maui Surf. You will surely enjoy surfing on the tranquil waters of Maui as our surfboards are made solid and firm. For the rental price, we offer our surfboards for $30 in the first hour and $15 for every additional hour you spend surfing.

Stand Up Paddle Board

Are you up for stand-up paddle boarding activity? Sea Maui Surf is the best place to go when it comes to equipment rentals. Our equipment costs $40 for the first hour in rent and $20 for additional hours. So propel yourself in the water with our reliable paddle board equipment. 

Chair Set

Sitting is made comfortable when you sit on the chair available at the Maui beach gear rentals. Our set of chairs is the perfect rental equipment you need to invest in when you want to chill and relax on the shore. The daily rate for our chairs is $30 for half-day, $50 for the whole day, and $40 for an additional day.


Ride the waves of Maui by renting our bodyboards. Our beach equipment costs $10 for an hour, $25 for the whole day, and $45 for a week. That said, you should do the rentals from us so you can enjoy your bodyboarding activity without a hassle. 

Snorkel Gear

If you are down for a snorkeling activity, you can rent some gear and equipment at Sea Maui Surf. We have all the gears you need, from the fins to the snorkel. All items’ rental costs are $20 for the whole day and $45 for a week. 


Have the shade from the sun by renting umbrellas at Maui beach gear rentals. It is the perfect item to give you enough shade to cover the space that you are staying at the beach. Our umbrellas are available for only $20 daily, so rent yours now.


Besides surfing and paddleboarding, volleyball is one of the best sports you can try on Maui beach. At Sea Maui Surf, we have a volleyball rental just for you. You can rent it for $10 an hour and $25 for the whole day.

Rent Beach Gears and Equipment at Sea Maui Surf!

Have the best time at Maui by renting items from Maui beach gear rentals. Sea Maui Surf has the perfect equipment for your water activities. Go to our beach rental location to rent or Contact us for more information.