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Stand-up Paddle Board Lessons in Maui Lahaina

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Stand Up Paddle Board, or SUP, is also an exciting water sport with its roots in Hawaii. It involves standing on a board and propelling along the water. In SUP, you don’t enjoy the activity; you also get to meditate and seek peace with mother nature. At Sea Maui, we pride ourselves on sharing our expertise in SUP with our guests. So start your stand-up paddle board lessons in Maui Lahaina now!

Stand-Up Paddle Board Lessons in Maui Lahaina

Stand Up Paddle Board is one of the biggest water sports in Hawaii. At Sea Maui, we take advantage of allowing locals and tourists to delve into SUP. Our lessons are structured and intentionally focus on significant points such as proper execution, balancing, and remembering essential rules.

Carrying out quality service and effective lessons makes us the ideal go-to learning place. On top of that, our professional instructors are equipped with the utmost expertise, which they will efficiently share with each guest. To top it off, our SUP lessons also have multiple inclusions to make your learning experience more conducive.

The SUP Lessons We Provide

Our SUP lessons go in variety, depending on the guest’s preference. We offer group lessons, private lessons, and semi-private lessons. We give guests a chance to explore our lessons according to their convenience. However, our classes come in different prices and details. But all of our lessons aim to foster a worthwhile learning experience.

Here are our available stand-up paddleboard lessons:

Private Lessons

A private lesson can be an effective one-on-one learning method. Our outstanding instructors will introduce you to a wide array of knowledge and techniques in SUP. On top of that, you’ll be our instructor’s number one priority. As a result, it’ll be easier to raise certain concerns or questions regarding SUP. Likewise, our instructor will also be able to focus on you quickly.

The whole private lesson is open to all ages and costs $150.

Semi-Private Lessons

For our semi-private lessons, we allow several participants in one go. However, the prices vary depending on the number of participants. In addition, our semi-private lesson is also open to children as young as ten years old and above. Overall, a semi-private lesson is ideal if you want to learn with at least two or three people.

  • Two people – $245
  • Three people – $345
  • Four people – $395

Group Lessons

Sea Maui’s group lesson allows four people to participate in the session. However, the group lesson is only open to guests aged 13 years and above. A group lesson is a good choice for families who want to learn SUP with their kids. A group lesson is the cheapest among all the lessons we offer.

Our group lesson costs $95.

So if you’re looking for the best stand-up paddle board lessons in Maui Lahaina, you can visit us through our website.