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The Best Place Where to Learn to Surf in Maui

a sandy beach next to a body of water

Are you interested in delving into surfing? Surfing is one of the most renowned water sports in the world, and Hawaii is also known for it. It’s a common activity in Hawaii that both locals and tourists enjoy. In addition, surfing also offers health benefits and provides an incredible amount of fun. So if you’re wondering where to learn to surf in Maui, you can start your surfing experience with us at Sea Maui.

Why Choose Sea Maui’s Surfing Lessons?

At Sea Maui, we ensure that every lesson effectively approaches our learners. Our instructors consist of professional surfers who have high-level knowledge of surfing. Therefore, you’ll get to explore and learn basic and advanced surfing sections. Furthermore, our company also ensures that the surfing lessons occur under the best conditions.

Our surfing lessons are also personalized for every guest with a specific preference. Our guests can have the option to choose between a private lesson and a group lesson. Moreover, our surfing lessons cater to people of all ages. You can find the best place to learn to surf in Maui within our service.

Private Surfing Lessons

Our private surfing lessons can be ideal for learners who prefer a one-on-one session with instructors. As a result, it will be easier for instructors to put most of their focus on their learners. The learner will also be more confident in executing the surfing techniques. With a more intimate setting, it will be easier for learners to raise personal concerns and questions.

Since you’re given a high priority in the session, the price costs $195.

Semi-Private Lesson

A semi-private lesson is an ideal learning session for people in groups. On top of that, the lessons are also available for children aged ten years and above. The price of the surfing lesson varies depending on the number of participants. Overall, the semi-private lesson is fun, where you learn to surf with your friends and family.

Here’s a list of prices that vary depending on the participants involved:

  • Two people – $260
  • Three people – $335
  • Four people – $410

What Makes Our Surfing Lessons Special

At Sea Maui, we ensure that our surfing lessons are flexible at our guests’ convenience. That means our instructors will always guide our guests and refrain from taking the session under harsh conditions such as rainy weather and big hazardous waves. We prioritize every guest’s safety to maintain an excellent customer experience.

On top of that, our company also offers a flexible time to learn surfing. Our guests can choose which time they want to start their surfing lesson. For instance, our private lessons are available the whole morning from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm. So our guests can begin their surfing lessons anytime within the available time.

Where to learn to surf in Maui?

At Sea Maui! You can surely get the best surfing services along with our team of professional surfers and divers who will never leave you behind throughout the session. So if you have more questions about our surfing lessons, consider visiting our website and start your surfing experience now!