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Where To Rent Snorkel Gear in Maui

a man swimming in the water

What about treating yourself and your loved ones to the best snorkeling experience? You may be thinking about where to rent snorkel gear in Maui. On a positive note, Sea Maui Surf humbly introduces our snorkeling rentals if ever you don’t have yours. We believe that every guest deserves absolute customer service. As a result, we provide you with the snorkeling essentials you need alongside a breathtaking experience on our majestic island.

Where To Rent Snorkel Gear in Maui

Some guests find themselves worrying about not bringing their snorkeling equipment. However, Sea Maui Surf ensures guests can complete their snorkeling experience while staying on the island. In this blog, we’ll touch on the essential details you need about our snorkeling rental services. Let’s dive right into the fun!

Sea Maui Surf’s Snorkeling Gear Rentals

At Sea Maui Surf, we provide complete snorkel gear to ensure an enjoyable snorkeling experience during your stay at Maui. The rental includes fins, masks, and snorkel. Through this accommodation, our guests will surely experience the majestic attractions under the sea that go in variety. That being said, here’s a quick overview of the prices of your favorite snorkeling rentals.

  • Daily rental – $20 
  • Weekly rental – $45

Guests who are planning to rent daily will pay an amount of $20. Meanwhile, guests who prefer a weekly rental will pay $45. Overall, both choices offer the same experience of giving you access to our quality and durable snorkeling equipment. So if you ask where to rent snorkel gear in Maui, choose the island’s pride, Sea Maui Surf. 

The Benefits of Snorkeling

Good news! Snorkeling only doesn’t offer fun but also multiple healthy benefits for you. It doesn’t matter where you experience this awesome water excursion. Surfing is undeniably healthy for each one of us. It is something that a lot of Hawaiian citizens love. Thus, expect to enjoy the good sides of snorkeling with the whole community.

Here are few healthy benefits of snorkeling for you:

Burns Calories

Do you feel like burning calories without literally working up a sweat? Snorkeling can burn between 250 and 300 calories per hour while exploring the enthralling attractions within the sea. So if you’re in for some fun-filled exercise in a tranquil part of nature, consider surfing and burn all those unwanted calories.

Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Mental health is paramount, and we need the best sources of fun. On the other hand, snorkeling is one many people consider fun and healthy. When you engage in this activity, you get to witness countless natural attractions in front of your eyes. Consequently, it helps you feel relieved against mental issues such as stress and anxiety.

Easy on Your Body

Snorkeling is a gentle activity that doesn’t involve hard landings that stress your joints. Snorkeling is also for all ages to enjoy and connect closer with marine life and mother nature. In snorkeling, you don’t need to carry heavy equipment and learn complex lessons. Follow instructions, and you’ll get the fun you seek.


Snorkeling will always be one of the desired water excursions in Maui. So if you want to spend your vacation most amusingly, consider snorkeling and take a full glimpse of the myriad natural attractions under the sea while enjoying healthy exercise. Get your amazing snorkeling rentals now, only at Sea Maui Surf!