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Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Lahaina

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Doing an outdoor sports activity in Hawaii provides a refreshing experience. And one of the most popular water sports on the island is stand up paddleboarding. But of course, this activity wouldn’t be complete without using the right equipment. Therefore, it is essential to seek the best water sports items to ensure a successful experience. Fortunately, Sea Maui Surf offers stand up paddleboard rentals in Lahaina, allowing you to rent any beach gear and equipment you may need.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental

When it comes to water sports equipment, Sea Maui Surf has been providing rental services to the people of Lahaina. We offer Maui beach rentals, such as stand-up paddleboards, to give you a fun and memorable experience in the waters of Hawaii.

Hourly rate

Since our stand up paddle board rental in Lahaina is limited to a specific number of people, we let our paddleboards be rented for an hour. For the first hour of renting, you need to pay at least $40. Note, every hour that you extend, there is an additional payment. So when you decide to extend for another hour as you are enjoying the waves through paddleboarding, you can pay an additional $20 for that. 

Care tips

When renting our paddleboards, you must also take care of the equipment before and after use. That way, you are able to restore the item in great condition. We also advise that you do the following care tips to handle the rented equipment with care. 

Wash the stand up paddleboard after every use

It is a must that you must always wash the equipment after you use it. Washing it up can keep it clean from any unwanted sand and salt. Be sure to use clean water! 

Handle the equipment with care

Handling the paddleboard with care makes it last long. That said, you should never toss it in the sand or leave it directly in the sun. Doing so will quickly wear out the board’s design and condition. So avoid it to make sure that the board stays in great condition for a long time.

Other beach equipment rentals

Aside from the stand up paddle board rental in Lahaina, there are other gears and equipment that you can rent at Sea Maui Surf. We have several of the beach items you want so you can enjoy your short vacation at Ka’anapali Maui. So achieve an added level of adrenaline with our equipment rentals and make the most of your time at Maui. 

Here are some of the things you can rent at Sea Maui Surf:

  • Surf board
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Chair set
  • Body board
  • Snorkel gear
  • Umbrella
  • Volleyball

Rent a Stand Up Paddle Board at Sea Maui Surf

Are you searching for a rental shop that provides water sports and beach gear, such as stand up paddle board rental in Lahaina? Sea Maui Surf offers top-notch rental equipment for your water activities. We have a wide range of beach gear and water sports equipment to make your short stay in Ka’anapali Maui unforgettable. Come and experience the best of Maui with Sea Maui Surf.