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Must Try Keiki Surf Lessons on Maui

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Hawaii is the home of water sports activities like surfing. In that regard, more and more individuals want to learn how to surf in the Hawaiian waters as it is fun, exciting and enjoyable. And aside from adults, there is also a growing population of young surfers ready to ride the waves. So if you are a parent of one, it is best that you book your child some Keiki surf lessons Maui to enhance their skill in surfing.

Sea Maui Surf Keiki Lessons

Just like adults, children should have the chance to learn how to surf so that they can understand the optimal safety conditions when they are in the water. At Sea Maui Surf, we offer two types of Keiki surf lessons: private and group.

Private Surf Lessons on Maui

When you want your child to have the best experience in the water, you can sign them up for private Keiki surf lessons in Maui. With these, your child will be exclusively taught by their designated instructor. And because they are private lessons, you can be sure that they are able to get some valuable surfing techniques and stuff for them to use while they are on the water. This one and a half hour lesson is available daily at 7:30 am to 12 pm.


The cost of the private lesson that you will pay differs as to how many people are able to join the lesson. So it is best that you think it over before actually deciding as to what lesson you’d like to choose. Below are the prices for the private lessons.

  • Private lesson (1:1) – $195
  • Semi private lesson (2:1) – $260
  • Semi private lesson (3:1) – $335
  • Semi private lesson (4:1) – $410

Maui Surf Group Lessons

Keiki surf lessons in Maui are more fun when your child is joined by other young surfers. They are also able to learn more new and exciting things about surfing with different people around them. With group lessons, your child will enjoy a surfing experience that is safe and secure. Although your child is in the group, our instructors ensure that they are in good hands and being looked after.


When it comes to the price, group surf lessons do not cost much as young surfers are taught by group. For Sea Maui Surf, we max the number of students to four so the teaching process is smooth and even. That said, the price costs $89 for ages 13 years old and more. 

Book a Keiki Surf Lesson at Sea Maui Surf

Give the children the chance to learn surfing with Keiki surf lessons in Maui. Teach them young so they can be better as they grow older. With surfing lessons, your child will be able to receive a few tips and tricks to master full surfing potential. So if you want your child to start young, book a private or group surfing lesson at Sea Maui Surf today!